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In the midst of summer

We are in the midst of summer. Its all about taking time to spend with your family, going on vacation, going to the beach and the pool as much as possible. Even though we want to have fun there are many dangers as well. So let’s be as safe as possible during this time of sun and fun.  Did you know that hundreds of children drown during the summer months? Also there are almost thousands that are treated in the hospital as well.

Pool Safety1

This is crazy scary when you think about how much we take our children to the beach or the pool during the summer months. Distractions come in many shapes and forms. It only takes a few seconds for your focus to be elsewhere.

Pool Safety2

We found this awesome article that discusses pool, water and sun safety for your children during the summer time. Check out the link below and make sure precautions have been taken during your summer months.

Summer Safety Tips: Sun and Water Safety